The Province of Amalur

Assault on Greyrest
Session 2


Our heroes awoke to the cold tap of a cane. They had been deposited in a forest, two days away from civilization. They met a merchant and his two guards where they traded before setting off to the peaceful town of Greyrest.

When they arrive they found the town up in flames as a shadow dragon swooped around the keep. Our adventurers jumped into the fray saving two families by taking them to the keep. While there they met with Governor Night-hill who begged the heroes to help his town.

So Harbinger began lobbing javelins from the top of the keep at the shadow dragon while Ken Rock leaped from the keep engaging in an aerial duel with the dragon. After stabbing it several times in the head and then gracefully smashing into a window and breaking the Governor’s table, they successfully repelled the dragon.

Afterwards their heroics had earned them the respect of the townsfolk. The heroes continued throughout the town sealing the sally port, rescuing villagers from the sanctuary, and violently ending a swarm of rats life.

In the end a half-dragon known as Landregosa challenged a hero to one on one combat for the life of a villager. Even though his might was strong, Harbinger courageously faced the opponent. And although Harbinger lost this battle to Landregosa, his heroism and selfless actions have not gone unnoticed.

Now our heroes have a reward to claim, and a prisoner to interrogate

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The Eternium Prison
Session 1

Our Heroes awoke within the cold confines of the Eternium Prison. There cell mates were thugs known as the Redbrands who wore flowing crimson cloaks and an emperor by the name of Pavel Griffin. Red_Slaadi.jpg

Harbinger found a secret passageway hidden by a candle lever. The Redbrands quickly took advantage of this stealing away the emperor in hopes of selling him as a hostage and barring the door so our heroes could not follow.

Ken Rock and Harbinger did not give up and broke through a weak wall and continued through the natural caverns that seemed to form around the prison walls. They fought rabid rats, the strange Kua-Toa, as well as a Gray Ooze. Harbinger even used a javelin to cut down a hidden sack filled with small sapphires.

As they exited the caverns our heroes climbed down a steep ledge back into a hole in the prison. There they found the corpses of the Redbrand gang-members. Their chests the incubators for horrible tadpole creatures.

At the far end of the wall they came to see the creature who created these horrors. A great red Slaadi. A hulking red frog-like demon. It ripped apart the final Redbrand. While it was busy our heroes quickly escaped with the emperor into a room with a strange portal in it.

Here the emperor gave Harbinger his Amulet of Kings and with his dying wish asked it be brought to his Queen. Then the Slaadi broke through the door and the Emperor destroyed the portal’s crystals before succumbing to the creature within, dying a painful death.

Now our heroes awake in a strange and dark forest, with nothing but the unknown ahead of them.


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